Our concept is to offer you a 100% natural drink that is freshly-pressed in front of the customer thanks to our machine that extracts sugar cane juice.

SO’KANAA® delivers your sugar cane as well as cups, straws and advertising for promotional offers.


We will provide you with our new generation of sugar cane juicers. Thanks to the efficiency of the mechanical filter, the extracted juice can be directly poured into the glass and served to the customer.

Hygiene and food safety are  guaranteed throughout the process, from the moment when the sugar cane enters the machine to the moment  when the juice reaches the customer.

The aesthetically pleasing and compact juicers easily match with any decor..

Easy to install, they just require a single plug socket to function.

Our juicers comply with EC standards (“CE” marking) and deliver a 100% natural drink, freshly-pressed in front of the customer.



SO’KANAA® machines comply with all of the European standards.

SO’KANAA®  works in association with food safety experts in order to guarantee quality for customers.
Our juicers have been certified by the company “T.U.V. Rheinland”.


EC marking conditions.

All industrial and consumer products must have EC marking before being placed on the European market.
This stamp is attributed after a health and safety assessment required by the directive, under the responsibility of the manufacturer or importer for non-European products .

The EC stamp is a safety symbol whose aim is to standardize product safety within Europe.
It is attributed to products that fall  in the scope of the New Approach standardization directives.

Source: CCI (Chambre du commerce et de l’industrie), Paris IDF