All the benefits of Vitamins CVitamine C1

Well-known for its energizing properties, vitamins C (also known as ascorbic acid) has many other virtues good for your health

The vitamin C found in the fruit loses 10% of its quality in the first 10 days at room temperature, but can be almost entirely preserved when refrigerated.

SO’KANAA’s vitamins C helps to the formation and repair of collagen, bones, cartilage,  ligaments and capillary blood vessels.

Vitamine C3

– It also helps the absorption of iron and reinforces white blood cells to strengthen immunity.

– Just like vitamin E, vitamin C is an anti-oxidant.

– Vitamin C3 helps to prevent the formation of cataracts by fighting the opacification of the  crystalline lens, caused by free radicals.

– It is an essential agent in collagen formation, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles.

– It helps allergy-sufferers to fight asthma and colds.


SO’KANAA® provides all of these benefits.